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Hi! My name's Andi and I live in Hungary and I'm 24 years old, I love Supernatural! The first episode I saw was Bugs. It's funny because it's not the best episode but I just fell in love with Sam and Dean. :D I like making icons, headers, wallpapers about the show. That's what my journal is about :) I love the boys, Jensen, Jared and Misha. They are awesome, gorgeous and so talented. I'm into slash, I like stories about Dean/Sam, J2,Castiel/Dean and Misha/Jensen:my new favourite OTP :D But I know who they're dating in real life and I'm ok with that, I like their girls wives! I just want the boys to be happy.I have many J2-believer friends and we have no problem with each other :) Anyway I'm happy about Season 6!:)


My other favorite shows are:

It's my newest obsession. Maybe I will make arts about this show, too :)

The Mentalist

Other shows I watch: Skins, Bing Bang Theory, House M.D., QAF, Intervention, X-files

I would love to meet new friends here, so feel free to add me!!:)

I glady take requests for fanarts: manips, icons, headers, wallpapers!:)

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